Mazde - Fading Out ft. Rromarin (Dugong jR Remix)

Mazde delivers stunning production on his Stoney Roads Records x Dim Mak debut “Fading Out”. The lush electronic soundscape is enhanced by Aussie Rromarin’s warm, velvety vocals, producing feelings galore.

Boasting a future-bass discography that incorporates pop-laden melodies with percussive ingenuity, Mazde holds his own by producing track after track of emotionally evocative music. He first blew up when YouTube tastemaker SuicideSheeep premiered his remix of Disclosure’s “Help Me Lose My Mind,” which has since garnered over 38.6 million views. He followed up with the collaborative EP Mazde X LissA, which earned accolades from THUMP, DUMMY, Clash and more. 

Combining Mazde’s signature percussion and spirited synths with Australian native Rromarin’s emotionally ethereal vocals and you get an all encompassing spirit boosting single. ‘Fading Out’ provides a pure mix of beauty and excitement for a great staple tune to any summer driven playlist.

Straight off the back of his White Horse EP that came out on Moving Castles, Dugong Jr has taken ‘Fading Out’ and flipped it into a dreamy electronic slow burner that’ll have you fantasising about being on holiday at an exotic beach. He’s subtly manipulated Rromarin’s vocals to fit between blissfully stretched out synth and a smooth as hell drum rhythm. The song has got the equal ability to set you off into a relaxing daze or get up for a slow chilled boogie!