India Sweeney - Fly

Exciting singer / songwriter India Sweeney steps into the limelight with the delicately crafted & catchy pop debut single ‘Fly’. 

Hailing from the seaside city of Wollongong, India was first introduced to playing music by her grandmother who taught her the art of piano. A versatile artist, India went on to become a classically trained pianist while spending spare time writing songs inspired by the likes of Regina Spektor and Aussie favourites Angus and Julia Stone. 

After studying Jazz at university, she formed and played in several bands pushing out both neo-soul and funk persuasions, leading her to the next chapter of her blossoming music career.

“I love writing pop because I think it's what I need at this time in my life – something that I can dance to and have fun with. I'm sick of being serious when it comes to music and I think that's what turned me away from playing Classical piano and jazz.”

Influenced by electronic music, “Fly” represents a new stage in India’s musical journey with the song drawing inspiration from a personal romance and the romance in the lives of her friends. 

“I would love for people to feel care free when they listen and maybe find a piece of their life in the lyrics.”