India Sweeney has constructed a bitter-sweet musical masterpiece called ‘Go Try It’. 

A talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who hails from the seaside city of Wollongong, India’s sweetly sung ‘Go Try It’ streams through a difficult time in her life. 

On the release India explains, “I've struggled with mental illness since my late teens. Even though there's still stigma around it and it isn't ever fun to experience, I think it inspires me to write songs that later help me move forward. I wasn't doing too well when I wrote this one. Most of the time when I write lyrics I don't really know what they're about, until I reflect on the time I wrote the song, and it all makes sense.”

“In hindsight I wrote this song to pump myself up for life and for anyone else who was struggling. The title says it all - to literally 'go try it' (go try life) and to remember that you're strong and not to run away when things get bad.”

‘Go Try It’ sees India’s softly spoken vocal weave between a saxophone and an eventual orchestral symphony of pianos, drums and more. 

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