Mitsunami - OMW FT. THE EGGMAN

Melbourne’s Mitsunami drops another killer track, “On My Way (OMW)”, this time collaborating with independent rapper The Eggman. 

Hazy, moody productions kick off this track, while The Eggman languidly raps about “better days” with vocals not too far off the likes of Drake. Well placed reverbs and climactic synths tease at what proceeds a wicked trap drop; hi-hat productions spliced with abrasive, industrial synths for a hard-hitting, club ready sound. Mitsunami shows once again he is a producer worth looking out for, blending future-bass sounds with swirls of ambient production to create a fuller, more captivating sound. 

A Stoney Roads Records Alumni, in 2016 we saw Mitsunami release Paradark, an EP that showcased the producers talent for creating elaborate trap and future-bass music with great technical skill. 2018 looks to be another successful year and ‘OMW’ is proof of that. 

Aside from rapping The Eggman also produces his own beats, having previously released music with Shifty Productions, Otodayo Supa and Go Hard Records. A serial collaborator, The Eggman often collaborates with upcoming rappers and producers, his recent and most notable work was with Ivan Ooze. 

As the new year rolls out, new sounds will come with it, but “OMW” is already heralding an evocative sound for bass-driven music, and the collaboration with The Eggman is just another first-rate example of the exciting and deepening relationship between rap and electronica.