Niterunner - Stay Tonight

Australian dreamwave is here with the drenched sounds of Niterunner and their glistening ode to love, ‘Stay Tonight’.

The track moves like young lovers, opening with an effortless groove peppered with snappy kicks that blossoms into a warm, full bodied synth wash coupled with a rippling guitar forever guided by celestial and assuring vocals. 

When it comes to the band, music has always underpinned the lives of the 3-piece, brother-sister trio of Niterunner. Growing up in a musical household the three were influenced by a father who had been a DJ and an owner of a record store in his younger years.

Strangely enough, Andrea (vocals), Daniel (keys) and Cale Suesskow (drums) only came together in recent years to create music, escaping their busy and varied lives as a Veterinary Nurse, Chef and Entrepreneur to band together and create a warm, hazy sound that reflects the laid back dreamy vibe of growing up in Northern NSW. 

Initially, Niterunner was a solo project of Daniel’s, until Andrea began writing and singing for his production in 2014. Late last year Cale (1/4 of Mitzi alongside Future Classic’s Charles Murdoch and Berlin bound Jad Lee) joined with the addition of drums for their debut live performance, crafting Niterunner’s sound into the energetic and nostalgic family affair it is today.

Dive into the groovy and warm sounds of Niterunner! 

‘A family bound by synth-pop sounds like my kind of fam – it’s a bonus if they make some damn good tunes to boot’ - Purple Sneakers

‘(Niterunner)...has us incredibly intrigued to see what the threesome has in store for the year ahead’ - Pilerats

‘Niterunner set out on a journey to create electronic based productions with ethereal and folk inspired vocals’ - Futuremag

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