Sparrows - Over & Out

Australian singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sparrows is set to leave her mark in 2018 with the self-produced debut single ‘Over & Out’.

The talented Sydney based Jessica Nitties fell in love with playing the guitar and writing songs as a kid after hearing the stories of her father and uncle playing in bands around Australia back in the day.  Creating pop-laden melodies with percussive ingenuity, Sparrows is no stranger of emotionally evocative music with her two previous singles 'Take My Heart Out' and 'Get To Know You' collecting over half a million plays and a number 1 on Hype Machine.  

‘Over & Out’ is an addictive piece of robust pop. Building from a chopped up iPhone recording into a pulsing chorus of layered, shimmering vocals. ‘Over & Out’ is a song about finality.

“The song is duplicitous in nature - it’s about the ending of a friendship but also the ending of any scenario/habit that no longer sits right with you,” she offers. “I was experiencing immense personal growth during the making of this song, and part of this process included the realisation that a number of realities I had been operating in were no longer conducive to me, so I called an over and out on them”.

With musical influences including Grimes, Santigold and Bonobo, her music often blends elements of indie pop and electronic. Sparrows’ is an oddity in pop music, maybe because of her production choices and somewhat child-like singing voice, giving her a unique edge. There's plenty more to come from this talented artist.

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